Shuttel thuiswerkvergoedingen

What is Shuttel?

Shuttel is a solution that gives employees access to virtually every form of mobility and working from home, if applicable, with a single card/app and without of the administrative hassle. Shuttel makes travel easier, more sustainable, and easier to manage.

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Since its beginnings in 2014, Shuttel has become the leading provider of mobility cards in the Netherlands. Today, Shuttel provides support to over 125 organizations and offers flexibility, freedom of choice, and convenience to more than 145,000 users in choosing the most cost-effective, fastest and/or greenest form of mobility.

With Shuttel, business travelers have access to virtually all forms of (shared) mobility, including associated costs such as parking, travel expenses & work-from-home allowances, as well as fuel and charging. Employers can offer their employees individualized mobility facilities on the basis of wishes and requirements, without increasing the administrative burden of either their employees or their HR staff.

On the one hand, Shuttel’s power is at the front end with the broadest offering of different modes of transportation on the market (offering employees the widest choice), in combination with the My Shuttel environment and Shuttel App for travel information and administration. On the other are the simplicity and flexibility at the back end. We prefinance all transactions and present them in a transparent overview, while at the same time simplifying the associated administrative operations. Complex expense claim administration is a thing of the past.