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Travel options with Shuttel

On this page, you'll find all the options for travelling with Shuttel. Please note: it differs per employer which services you can use via Shuttel. You'll find an overview of your personal travel options your Shuttel-environment ( or in the Shuttel App, below 'My details'.

Your personal travel options

Overview of travel options with Shuttel

Train, bus, metro, tram and ferry
The Shuttel card works the same way as a public transportation card (OV-chipcard). So, it is easy to check in and check out in all kinds of public transport: train, bus, metro, tram and ferry.

Extra benefit: the Shuttel card is always ready to use. We make sure that the balance

In addition, it's possible to use a public bicycle (OV-fiets), which can be picked up at almost 300 rental locations.

Travel abroad
Would you like to go abroad? In collaboration with Tranzer, you can plan, book and check in/out your foreign trip(s) with Shuttel.

With Shuttel, you have more than 7 500 cars at your disposal. Hit the road with a Greenwheels or MyWheels shared car. Together, they have national covering. Both booking and opening cars can be done via the App. The payment of the trip will be done afterwards by means of Shuttel’s collective invoice.

The electric shared-scooters can of course not be left out of our mobility offer. For this, Shuttel works together with CHECK. CHECK-scooters are available in the following cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda, Den Haag, and Groningen.

With Shuttel, you get a complete fuel pass or charging key that allows you refuel or charge your car anywhere in the Netherlands. We have the largest network of petrol stations (4000 petrol stations) and charging locations (120 000 stations in Europe).

Even if you need to (temporarily) use a car, we have a suitable solution. The Euromobil fleet is at your disposal with more than 11 000 cars. You can submit a rental request to us, after which Euromobil will take care of dropping off and picking up the car.

With Shuttel, you can park both on the street and in the car parks. Paid parking in the street is available via the Yellowbrick app. In addition, Shuttel users can park easily at the NS P+R locations. All parking transactions are settled with you or your employer via Shuttel.

Transvision is our provider for passenger transport. Whether you need to go to the airport or an appointment with a customer, Transvision taxis will make sure that you travel from door to door.