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Traveling or working from home has never been as easy as this. A single app for all your transportation and administration. Faster. Smarter. Easier. Shutteling is the new way to work. Or rather, ways. Travel plans, administration and trip and work-from-home registration in a single app


Planning a trip

Use the Travel planner to plan your trips with public transportation, bicycle and car
Shuttel’s travel planner provides the most complete travel recommendation. You simply plan your trips by public transportation, bicycle, car, or on foot. Shuttel immediately shows the most efficient travel recommendation based on up-to-date travel information. The app also shows the carbon emission associated with the various travel options. In this way, Shuttel ensures that you always have a well-considered choice for your trip.


Tracking the trip

Easily track business trips and kilometers with your cellphone
If you use your own car or bicycle for a business trip and want to register that trip automatically for your kilometer logging? GPS tracking ensures that trips are tracked automatically while traveling, with the correct distance according to the itinerary. Did you forget to switch on the GPS tracker? No problem. You can always enter your trips manually afterwards.


Insight into travel expenses and mobility budget

View the transactions, travel expenses, and current status of the mobility budget
View your travel data and expenses in a single overview. Do you receive a mobility budget? The Shuttel App always provides a current overview of your remaining budget and how the budget has been spent.


Classifying trips

Easily organize administrative matters for the transactions
The Shuttel App provides a clear overview of all travel transactions. These can easily be ‘classified’ as business, commute, or private transactions, reducing the administrative tasks to a few simple actions. By means of an employee’s personal settings relating to locations and working hours, most of the transactions are classified automatically.


Travel and work-from-home allowance

Does your employer compensate for commuting expenses, or do you get an allowance for work-from-home days? The Shuttel App makes tracking trips, kilometers, and work-from-home days, as easy as pie. You tell the Shuttel App on what days you’ve traveled to your workplace or worked from home, and Shuttel processes all data automatically with your employer, so you'll get the right allowance.

Shuttel App

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