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Your personal Shuttel environment

Every Shutteler has an personal environment on or our App. In your personal environment you can arrange all matters regarding your travel and administration. You will also find practical information about your consumption and mobility options. On this page, you will find all information about your personal Shuttel-environment.

What can I do in My Shuttel?

The main My Shuttel menu contains six topics:

  • Dashboard The dashboard opens when you log on. It shows how much you've traveled, what means of transportation you used, and how the transactions are split between business, commute and private travel. Interactive charts and diagrams display your (fuel) consumption if any, and how many transactions still need to be classified.
  • Transactions – This contains an overview of all your transactions. You can classify transactions by specifying whether they are business, commute or private travel. You can also enter travel instances manually, set automatic classifications, and enter days on which you work from home.
  • Settings Use this button to see your default trips and a chart to enter private time windows. Travel instances in your specified private time windows are automatically classified as private travel.
  • My details This shows what mobility services are available to you. When you receive a new or replacement Shuttel Card, this is where you activate it. You can also download an overview of transactions here.
  • Info This button gives access to answers to FAQs, contact information, and other information about using the portal. You can also find manuals and instructions for each mobility service here.
  • Log out This is the button you use to log out from the Shuttel portal.

What can I do in the Shuttel App?

The Shuttel App is a single app to manage your transportation and administration. The app has several features:

  • Plan your trip Use the travel planner to plan your travel movements by public transportation, bike and car
  • Track your trip Track your business travel and kilometers on your cell phone
  • Overview of travel expenses and mobility budget View your transactions, travel expenses, and the current status of your mobility budget
  • Classify your trips Easily manage your administrative duties
  • Trip registration and allowance for working from home

Shuttel App

Download the free Shuttel App now

The Shuttel App is available from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.