Facturatie met Shuttel

Billing and salary payment

If you travel by Shuttel card, we'll make sure these transactions are listed in your personal environment so you can classify them. We've already explained how classifying works. It boils down to this: by specifying whether a trip was business or private, we know where to send the invoice.

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Commuting and business travel
Did you travel by public or shared transportation for work? In that case, your employer nearly always pays the bill depending on your arrangements.

If you use your Shuttel card for private travel, we'll send you a monthly invoice for the trips you've classified as private. It goes without saying that if you didn't use the Shuttel card for private travel, you won’t receive an invoice.

Work-from-home days
When you register your work-from-home days in the app or “Mijn Shuttle environment”, the information will be sent to your employer automatically. This ensures you'll receive the agreed allowance automatically with your salary payment.

Payment of travel allowance
If you organize your travel allowance via Shuttel, you specify your traveled kilometers every month. Every first week of the month, we'll inventory the number of kilometers you've registered in the previous month. We'll send that information to your employer, who will add your travel allowance to the payroll.

Classificeren met Shuttel

Where can I find my details?

You can easily see the kilometers and allowance specified in the section “My details” in your personal environment. Here, you’ll find the summary and settlement we make for you every month.

Personal environment